What are they thinking?


I came across this sign as I was walking to work this morning and was so entertained by it I went back at lunch to take a picture. My favorite part of it is that as I approached I was reading it as “Herb & the Rapies” and when I got close enough to see that it is a day spa, it just got even funnier.

I know that I’m a snobby designer type and as such am more critical than your average passer-by, but I can’t be the only person that has problems with this. The fact that “herban” is not a word I’ve ever heard before and the size of the r in therapies makes it damn near impossible to read this sign as it’s intended. Even once I figured it out, I’m still left with “is herban really a word?”

So, if I really am just being a snobby designer and y’all think the sign is totally fine, then I hope you enjoyed the pleasant diversion of my boring you with my design rants as opposed to pictures of food I’ve eaten, stories about triathlon training and cute pictures of my pets. 😀

6 thoughts on “What are they thinking?

  1. heather c

    well I disagree with you. I don’t read it that way at all.
    It is plainly obvious that it says:
    “BAN the RAPIES!” whatever the heck that means…

    This is freakin’ hilarious and completely bad design.
    I’ll be your snobby friend…

  2. parentheticalstatement

    Ohhhhh, ban the rapies, now it all makes sense…

    Nice thoughts on herban, but I think they just mistranslated the word herbal. I’m sure we can lay all of this on Babelfish’s door somehow…

    Glad it’s not just me…

  3. T

    wow.. bad bad sign… I instantly went to the ‘her’ ‘urban’ thing as well, I’m sure someone thought they were being oh so clever!

  4. M

    Wow, yeah, I am pretty sure that “herban” is a terrible play on urban…terrible. And don’t even get me started on banning the rapies!

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