Birthday boy


T is now very, very old (39) and was not feeling particularly pleased with his closer proximity to 40, so to cheer him up we went out with our friends M & J to a local place called Pies & Pints. Pies & Pints has been an ongoing joke in our circle (One of those “you had to be there” things where M, in a moment of hunger and parking-induced crankiness snapped at J that he’d been to P&P many times and it was his FAVORITE place, when in fact he had never been. Naturally, we’ve been teasing her about it ever since.) So, neither of the boys had been and were both immediately big fans, since the menu is potpies and beer. Pretty much the perfect fare for rainy Seattle evenings…

We settled in at a booth and ordered some sweet potato fries to tide us over. I got a very delicious pear cider and the rest of the crew had Mac & Jack’s porter, which was also quite good. I tried to balance out my pie by getting a salad with it. They totally cancel each other out, right?

A pies eye view:

The adorable M & J:

And of course, the birthday boy and yours truly…

T had a slice of very decadent Guiness layer cake for dessert, (I may have stolen a few bites here and there) and M had a very lovely looking chocolate mousse. We then went to Half Price Books for T to see if they had a textbook of his (school being around the corner and all… ) and for M and I to restock our dwindling bookshelves, ha ha…

Happy birthday, T. Next year we’ll make a bigger fuss as you enter the brave new world of your FORTIES!

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