Seven years…


This my first year of having a blog on the anniversary of the attacks, so I feel compelled to comment on the thoughts and feelings that always swirl around my head on this date. Every year I’m surprised by what emotions come to the surface and how raw I still feel about it all. I can’t think of another day I can remember with such picture-perfect clarity. It’s been seven years and I still feel the sadness and the fear and the sheer disbelief of the atrocities of that day.

I try to focus on the positive that came out of the tragedy. As always, I’m soooooo grateful that my friend Heidi took the day off of work to celebrate my finding an apartment. Had she not, I don’t even want to imagine what might have happened. I will forever thank whatever divine being/cosmic entity/random force that governs our world for having one of my closest friends with me when the world seemed to be coming to an end.

I also credit watching those towers fall with a lot of the positive steps I’ve made in my life. I would never have lost the weight, started the exercising, gone through therapy, gone back to school, started a new career and done triathlons, had I not seen first-hand what can happen on a random gorgeous sunny Tuesday in September. How many office temps/actors/directors/writers died in those towers? How many people spent their last minutes alive at a job they hated?

So, while every year I fight back tears at least three times, get mad at the media for treating the deaths of 3,000 people like it was the latest Die Hard movie and remind myself to be patient when I hear yet another person telling me their 9/11 story from the perspective of 3,000 miles away – I try to hold on to that faint glimmer of positive.

Thanks for listening. Blog-therapy rules!


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