Use it or lose it


I’ve always hated that expression, but unfortunately it’s all too true. Tonight I rode my bike for the first time in weeks. I decided to try a different route home from work, since it was windy and I didn’t feel like crossing the I-90 bridge with a crosswind. The route I chose goes around the northern part of Lake Washington, coming home on the Burke-Gilman trail. For the most part, it was a gorgeous ride. The weather was beautiful. There was a bike lane for a lot of the urban riding and other bicyclists in front of me to call attention to our presence on the road. As I started out, all I could think about was how out of shape I felt – the effects of the laziness/bad food choices of the past few weeks. (Bike clothing is not the thing to wear when you’re feeling fat – ugh!)

But as I rode along, I realized that I was still riding my bike for 27 miles, a feat unimaginable not so long ago. And I was keeping pace with some of the hardcore looking bike commuters, the same folks who zipped past me on my 4 mile commute home last year. I still have a ways to go if I’m to accomplish the lofty goal I’ve set for myself, but at least today I took a step in the right direction…


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