After a rainy night in the tents, we woke to (surprise!) a rainy morning. We had some breakfast packed up my part of camp and headed into town to sign up and drop me off at Jenhs’ motel for the drive home. Volunteers got first-dibs on signing up, which was awesome. It was amazing to see how long the line was when we showed up, there were literally hundreds of athletes waiting, some of whom had camped out the night before. The volunteer line was much shorter and moved pretty quickly. To amuse myself, I took some pictures of the craziness.

Then, it was my turn – I filled out my little form and got my code to sign up online for the race. We ran into one of the volunteers we’d chatted with yesterday, which was awesome. Then we headed over to Jenhs for the transfer of me and all of my soggy camping crap. I bid farewell to Erin and David and we hit the road. We made a brief stop at Safeway for some road food and I just had to pick up this little item, the Aero bar:

It turned out to be this weird candy bar that had air pockets in it. Very odd… Our trip home was much more straightforward than the trip out and it was fun to regale each other with our various race adventures. I had a great time and learned so much to help me get ready for next year. Many thanks to Erin & David for letting me tag along with them all weekend and Jenhs for bringing me and all of my stuff up in her fabulous Element. I’m still waiting for the big freakout, I think that will come next week when I actually sign up…


3 thoughts on “Gulp…

  1. Very cool! Mike and I plan to head up and volunteer and cheer next year and sign up for 2010, so we’ll have to meet up 🙂 And then we’ll cheer you home!

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