Snobby for a reason


Last week my friend M called me a “snobby triathlete” because I had told her about this teeny little running track at a park near my work in downtown Bellevue that later proved to be 1/2 mile around. In my defense, it does NOT look like it is even the size of a conventional running track, but since I literally tease M all of the time, I let her enjoy the mocking opportunity.

Today I really wanted to see if I could do lunchtime runs at the new job, since I enjoyed them so much in Portland. (Not to mention they were the key to getting my run training in, period.) So, I set out to check out the possibilities. Now, my office is located right in downtown Bellevue (to the East, across Lake Washington from Seattle) which is great for lunch and shopping options, but sucky for having someplace to run where you don’t have to worry about getting hit by a Lexus or wait for a light to cross busy streets, so I knew that running track was a very real possibility and headed in that direction.

The park that contains this running path is actually really nice. It’s a big expanse of lawn, with scupltures and the aforementioned path, which is a big circle with a water feature next to it that looks like a little canal. There are nice benches to sit on and it’s a great spot to have lunch, but as I learned today I was right to be snobby about the running path – it sucks!

I think the half a mile length refers to the dodging, weaving and path veering that you have to do in order to make it around without killing someone. I lasted exactly one time around before I took my chances and headed into the neighboring sub-division. I saw signs for another beach park and headed for it, in the hopes that there would be a path to run along Lake Washington, but alas was thwarted again.

Fully discouraged, I headed back to work in the most direct fashion, shopping mall people be damned. As I ran between stopping for lights, I found that it was actually a pretty fun interval workout. I would run as fast as I could between stoplights and then have a rest interval. Because I couldn’t anticipate how long the run intervals would be, it became a really good pacing challenge. (Plus, it’s fun to run fast even if it’s only for a few blocks.) So, in the end it actually had an up-side but I think I’ll plan to do my run training after work. So heads up Seattle friends, I’m going to need running buddies to keep me on track!


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