Pre-race business


We left our crappy campsite for Everett to go to the pre-race briefing/registration and then were planning to go out to the race for a little bike ride and bike check in. The race briefing was at the Holiday Inn at Everett and as always when a bunch of triathletes descend upon any spot, it was very entertaining to see all of the various members of my crazy sport – ranging from the hard-core to the surprisingly normal-looking. 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to see Jennifer from tri-camp at the pre-race meeting and got to meet her husband, which was really nice. I also saw a former training group coach and some of his athletes which was nice. After hearing all about the various penalties and specifics about the course, we got to pick up our registration packets and head out to the race site.

It was funny to see how the sleepy town of Lake Stevens had transformed itself for the race. The area where M & I had eaten our lunch was now lined with tents and port-a-potties and was where the finishing area festivities were going to be set up. They’d set up the swim area and it was near where I’d thought it was going to be, along the dock that we’d seen while we were there. I took my bike out for a quick spin to make sure everything felt okay and felt really good. After all of the tapering, my legs felt really strong and the bike felt great.

I checked my bike in and we grabbed milkshakes and french fries from the Chicken Drive-in, just in case we didn’t feel like dealing with it on race day. T agreed that it was quite yummy and it made for a nice reward for all of the tedium of pre-race errands. We headed back to a surprisingly quiet campsite and I was able to take a little nap with the pups and then afterward T decided he needed a little nap with the pups. I couldn’t resist taking a picture, when I went to wake them up:

We had a decidedly nicer evening for our final night of camping. The fireworks were much more minor – only little ones off in the distance and the neighbors managed to be relatively quiet. (And with a 4:30 alarm set, I didn’t really worry about them waking me up!) We finally got to sit around the campfire together and roast marshmallows and generally just relax, which made it hard to go to bed as early as I needed to. But eventually we forced ourself away from the nice fire and headed off to bed.


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