My Seattle peeps


So, I had another “weekend” (in my world this means Sunday-Tuesday morning) up in Seattle. I promise to post more on that soon, but I wanted to take a moment to give a quick shout out to my cross-country Seattle girls, Ms. Cyclone and M. These are friends that I had in New York, who both moved to Seattle a little over a year ago and it’s been really great having them on the Left Coast and relatively close by. They are the kind of friends where we tease each other mercilessly, but when it comes down to it I know they have my back and vice versa.

After finishing up my agenda items, I found myself with pretty much the whole day to play and relatively nice weather to do it. So, I shanghai-ed M into going to Green Lake for a run (for me) and a walk/read for her. I’m not the hugest fan of Green Lake for running, as it tends to always be pretty crowded, but for convenience factor it can’t be beat. M and I walked together for a while as a warm up and then I started my run. It wasn’t a great run, for some reason I was plagued with side-stitches pretty much the whole way, but there were some fun highlights including a little girl on her bike REFUSING to let me pass her – I had to seriously sprint it out with her before I could get past. I think we’re looking at a future world champion of something there!

After Cramp-run ’08, we hit Jamba Juice and back to M’s place for a little shower/change of clothes and then headed over to Ballard for some window-shopping and hanging out. Ballard has changed a ton since I lived in Seattle in the early ’90’s and I always find it so amusing to see how “hip” it’s become. (Back in the mid-90’s it was pretty much old people and actors living over there… ) I took a few pics of amusing things seen while walking in Ballard. Apparently, there’s quite a crime spree going on in Ballard, as someone apparently stole an old rusty arrow off of the sign at the Olympic Health Club sign that they were planning to restore and then there was this graffiti (those darn kids!) I really like that it’s in chalk…

This was the door of this weird little place where they gave cooking classes and you could host dinner parties amidst very tired looking period furniture…

We stopped in at Archie McPhee, where M pondered if she should trade in her camera for something more portable. (It’s a seriously awesome store, if you like silly little gee-gaws… )

Then it was time for a little snack to tide us over until we met Ms. Cyclone for dinner, so we headed up to Cupcake Royale. (I don’t know that it was as good as Saint Cupcake, especially since they didn’t have the mini cupcakes, so I only felt right ordering a single cupcake, but it was still pretty tasty… ) I had a red velvet cupcake that M pronounced “disgusting” (her customary response to pretty much anything I order… ) but then tried a bite and upgraded it to “okay” status. 🙂

Being that M is a brilliant photographer, she was inspired to photograph cupcake and wrapper. I love watching her photograph things, because generally what I imagine her picture is going to look like is a far cry from the beautiful images she’s able to produce. It’s like watching magic happen. Naturally, I had to try to mess up her concentration by capturing her with my crappy digital camera:

She’s a good sport. (For a little while anyway… )

We then headed over to meet Ms. Cyclone for dinner with plans to see the Sex and the City movie afterward. We met up at the McMenamins in Lower Queen Anne and learned that we’d also have Shelly, a friend of Ms. Cyclone who’d joined us for the evening on our last camping trip along for the festivities. It was great to get to hang out with her, as I’d really enjoyed chatting with her while camping. After some burgers, we headed over to the theater. Unfortunately, it turned out to be this weird bar-theatre that only had a limited number of seats and was completely sold out. Obviously, not what we were expecting on a Monday night three weeks after the show’s opening. After a brief scramble to see what other theaters were showing it and realizing that all of them were at ten o clock, we switched gears and headed over to Ms. Cyclone’s cute studio apartment for some wine drinking and girl talk.

On the way there, Ms. Cyclone warned us that her place was a bit of a mess, as she’s been traveling for work and hadn’t even had a chance to make her bed. Ordinarily, I’d be totally understanding and would never even think of taking a picture of said unmade bed and posting it on my blog. However, this is what she was referring to as an “unmade bed”:

I don’t know about y’all – but in my house that’s a MADE bed. 🙂 Ms. Cyclone was none too pleased with my photographing her scandalously unmade bed, so I captured these very amusing photos:

But finally, order was restored and here is a photo of the usual state of Ms. Cyclone’s bed:

(Sorry, Ms. C – it was too hilarious not to share with the group. You know I tease out of love!)

Afterward, it was a really enjoyable evening of yummy wine and good conversation. I don’t think I ever laugh as often or as hard as I do with this group. Which is never a bad thing. Ms. Cyclone just got a promotion and will be moving down to California, where she’ll get to rejoin Mr. Cyclone and potentially buy a house. I’m really excited for her and am hard-pressed to think of anyone who deserves it more. I’m very sad to see her go, but I know it’s what she wants and as such I am very happy for her.

So, here’s to the Seattle ladies – M, thanks for letting me crash on your couch and torture your felines, not to mention all of the early morning coffee making! And Ms. Cyclone, thanks for the excellent advice, the pep talks when I need them and all of that delightful wine. You bitches rock! 😀


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