Now, that’s more like it!


I saw that T posted my results in the comments section of my last post, but I figure I’ll post a little side by side comparison as a good intro to bragging that I knocked 30 MINUTES off of last year’s time – oh yeah!

Overall time – 2007: 3:46:03 / 2008: 3:16:22
Swim time – 2007: 0:43:46 / 2008: 0:37:04
1st transition – 2007: 5:17 / 2008: 4:54
Bike time – 2007: 1:35:40 / 2008: 1:20:53
2nd transition – 2007: 3:50 / 2008: 3:43
Run time – 2007: 1:17:29 / 2008: 1:09:41

So, needless to say it was a much better race than last year. There’s still some stuff I’d like to improve upon, but I’m very, VERY pleased with the results. T also gets points for being best sherpa ever! I rousted him at 5:30 am so that we could leave by 6 (I like getting there super early… )

Before the race, I was pretty nervous and spent a lot of time fiddling around setting up my transition area and visiting the bathroom 47 times. (I know, more than you probably wanted to know… ) But before I knew it, the time had flown by and it was time to get into the wetsuit and line up with the rest of my wave:

Ah, flattering wetsuit. Our wave was the third one, after the elites and the 30-39 year old men.

I actually lined up pretty well this time, but still had a pack of crazy swimmers diagonal into my line. I managed to get though that (apologies to the girl I accidentally punched in the stomach… ) and back into some clear water. It was a much better swim than Hagg Lake (partly because it’s shorter) but also I was better at staying on course. I managed to stay with the back of my group and even passed some folks. And unlike last year I only saw the caps from the wave behind mine and the very speedy swimmers from the next wave.

Here’s me coming out of the swim (note the other yellow cap in the shot!)

There’s a ridiculously long run up to the transition area, during which I had plenty of time to think about how I’d really like a little nap instead of getting on my bike. Another first for me, other bikes still on the rack – in fact I ran past my rack to the empty one behind it, because I’m so used to finding my bike that way! It took me forever because I needed to put a jacket and some gloves on so that I didn’t freeze my ass off, but I managed to get on the bike and get going.

My pacing plan for the bike was to go “one click past comfortable” and push the pace just a little bit, which worked pretty well. I managed to pass some people and get passed by a bunch of others. The bike course is really flat and gets pretty congested with everyone out on the course at the same time. I didn’t see too much cheating, though there were some folks that were definitely pushing it.

Here’s me coming in from the bike:

I was so happy because this is what I was looking at on my bike computer – a ride time of 1:21, a much better bike split than usual:
Then it was time for the run, which was probably the roughest part of the race. My feet were numb coming off the bike, I’m assuming because of the cold and it just took a while to get into the rhythm. (I need new laces for my shoes… ) I’m not a huge fan of photos of myself while running, but this one isn’t too bad:

Around mile 2 I started to feel okay again and was able to pick up the pace and start passing a few people. I was doing fine until I started getting side stitches around mile 6. Then I got this really awful cramp, that felt like one of those chest exploding things in the movie Aliens, which I dubbed “alien baby” and I actually had to walk for a minute – which sucked because I literally had .2 miles left and all of the people I’d diligently worked to pass were now flying past me. Grrrrr! T ran alongside me shouting encouragement while I swore at the alien baby. I finally managed to grit my way through the last little bit and across the finish line.
I didn’t know my exact time, because I’d forgotten to start my watch but even just estimating based on my wave start time, I knew I’d broken 3 hours and 20 minutes and was so overwhelmed and proud of myself, I cried for the second time at Blue Lake’s finish line. Here’s a picture of myself and my amazing race support T:

I couldn’t have done this without him. Not only is he a fantastic cheerleader, but he puts up with my training and it’s aftermath and helps kick my butt out of bed when I need him to. I probably don’t thank him often enough, so just in case – THANK YOU!
After the race, I got to say hi to my friend Erika from Tri-Camp. She had a booth at the expo for her fantastic company TriBabe. (If you need sporty cute clothes, definitely check her out!) She was so sweet and congratulatory (is that a word?) and it was nice to see her again. Her husband Bill also did the race, after doing Alcatraz last weekend, so he gets super-stud points from me! After a little post-race food, we packed up my crap and headed to the car. T snapped this picture of me still grinning from my success: (This is probably one of the only pictures of me post-race that I’ve liked.)

We then hurried home for a quick shower and then off to meet my parents for a Father’s Day brunch at Jam. It was great to see my folks and have a nice breakfast with them. The clouds had burned off and the weather was gorgeous. So we had some great food and caught up with each other, which was nice. Then I had to hit the road and drive up to Seattle. Busy, busy, day!

7 thoughts on “Now, that’s more like it!

  1. wow… AWESOME improvement! And great job all around.

    I am totally with you on the running photos (mine are generally cringe-inducing) but those are some really nice pics.

  2. crazyoatie

    Yeah, I have to echo M: I am very proud of you! And I’m glad you’re happy with your race results, too! You’re so awesome!!!

  3. lilpups

    Great job and wonderful report! Your comment on thinking about napping during the run into T1 made me laugh out loud. Very much looking forward to seeing you in (gulp!) three weeks at Lake Stevens. Fingers crossed for warm weather between now and then.

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