My new secret weapons


This is my year to try to buy a little extra speed. First, there were the new racing tires that T got me for our anniversary – Michelin ProRace 3’s. Then with some of my birthday money I bought my first ever pair of racing flats. Today I took them out on their second test-run, fueled by some peanut m&m’s. I had to do an unplanned out and back (Stupid Steel Bridge went up and wouldn’t come back down again… ) which cut my route short by about 3/4 of a mile, but I ran it faster than ever before – 9:20 minute/miles. This is the fastest I’ve run in years, so I was very pleased. Behold the winning combination:

Tomorrow I take the bike tires out for their maiden voyage. I’m a little nervous about it, since I’ve been cruising around on tires that are virtually bombproof for the last year and a half. But if they make me significantly faster, I’ll get over it. I’m racing this weekend on a course with which I have a score to settle, so I need all the help I can get!


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