Is there such a thing?


After dinner, it was still clear out so we decided we needed one last walk on the beach. Susan and R decided to stay at the house, so it was just M, J, T and I with Smokey Joe and Wally.

We started off playing with the dogs. Here’s the wind-up:

Then the pitch:

And it’s good!

It’s fun to watch the dogs frolic on a big sandy beach without worrying about them disturbing anyone. After the dog antics, we did a nice slow stoll and took some cute pictures to commemorate the evening.

First T and I, taken by me. Not bad, eh?

And here are M and J (as you can see it’s a little chilly)

There was a pretty strong breeze blowing, which made some pretty patterns in the sand. My camera isn’t nearly sophisticated enough to capture the textures, so I settled for a little picture of my shadow:

We headed back home, feeling the satisfaction of thoroughly tiring out the dogs. Here’s Smokey Joe upon returning to the house:

And poor tired Wally:

There’s really nothing more pleasing than having dogs too tired to get into any mischief. And all it took was four trips to the beach…


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