Headed to Florence… no, not that one.


As mentioned earlier, I spent the last few days off the grid at a beach house in Florence, OR, courtesy of T’s mother Susan (or, more accurately old friends of Susan who are very generous and lend their beach house out free of charge to their friends and family.) Free beach vacation, score! We’ve been a couple times before and I really love it. The area is next to Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, which means there are these crazy huge dunes along the beach and a really unique feeling. The house itself is nestled back in a little neighborhood and has a really nice cozy feeling.

Our friends M & J from Seattle were joining us for this little adventure and since I had to work on Saturday, they had a nice leisurely amount of time to drive down from Seattle. They met T in the early evening and grilled up some dinner, then met me as I got off of work at 8 to begin our late-night road trip. They were very kind to bring me a delicious little dinner packet of various grilled meats and some awesome grilled asparagus, so we were off to an excellent start.

Florence is pretty far away from Portland, around 3 to 4 hours. We stopped just outside of Albany to get some beverages and a little sugar, during which a classic quote from incredibly complex eater M who after insisting that she didn’t like crunchy candy bars says “Ooooh, Twix!” giving us something to mock her about for pretty much the rest of the weekend. (Love you, M!)

For the most part the trip went by pretty smoothly, though I think all of us were really glad to finally get there – somewhere around midnight. Susan and second husband R and their pack of dogs had already gone to bed, so we tried to be quiet when we got in, but of course Smokey Joe and Wally were WAY too excited to be out of the car, so they pretty much ruined that plan. J being awesome, had prepped some bagel dough for the next morning’s breakfast, so he was doing the final bits of prep before bed when Susan came out to say a sleepy hi. It was fun to watch her half-awake brain wrap itself around what J was doing, (which was pretty hard to do with a wide-awake brain.) After a brief discussion of deciding who got the bunk beds vs. the fold-out couch, it was off to bed.

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