Birthday aftermath


So, I thought I’d fill you in on the rest of my birthday. When I got home T had a pretty little wrapped present on the table for me. (Such a sweet boy… )

Pretty paper and pretty bow, the boy gets many brownie points! Plus he got me an awesome card…

In case you can’t read it, it says “It’s amazing you’ve made it this far.” Inside it says “May your good fortune continue. Happy Birthday.” I particularly like the figure rollerskating with scissors and the “Wheeee!” (And the fact that it’s letterpress… )

Inside was a really cute hooded long-sleeved shirt:

I really like the pretty tree detail on the bottom:

Good job, T! But there was no time to appreciate the boy, we had to head out to dinner with the parents. We made it out to the restaurant to have enough time to peruse the new REI in the adjacent shopping center. So many nice things… We then wandered over just in time to meet my parents and headed on in.

It was a very pleasant dinner with everyone being on good behavior. πŸ˜€ The weirdest part was that all of the tables around us were also celebrating a birthday. (I don’t know what goes on at the end of August, but apparently it’s a VERY fertile time… ) The Claim Jumper features this crazy dessert called the Mother Lode Chocolate Cake. It’s a six layer chocolate cake and is ginormous. It is apparently their typical birthday offering, so who were we to buck tradition?

It also carries a bit of family history in my family, as my mom saw it and decided to make one for one of our birthdays. She had to buy some extra cake pans and shore it up with toothpicks because this is what the professionally made version looks like in the restaurant (pardon the lens flare… )

It was pretty funny seeing my mother bringing out this GIANT cake, especially since hers was the normal person’s homemade version – slightly crooked and askew. We talked about it for years afterwards, so I guess it was worth all of the effort. The four of us shared the giant piece of cake and there was still a couple of layers left over for T and I to take home. We had to ask the waiter how many of them they go through a night and he told us that he’d already served 7 of them and that’s pretty typical for a Thursday – on the weekends they serve more and that sometimes he’ll serve 2 to a table. That blew my mind!

And thus I celebrated my 38th year by consuming many delicious calories. Yummmm…


2 thoughts on “Birthday aftermath

  1. M

    OMG! I love T! Can I hire him out to buy presents for my hubby to give to me? Mega brownie points. I LOVE that hoodie and I am going to steal it.

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