After a week of overcast weather, we finally had some sunshine today. I’d already arranged to have T. meet me after work for a little after work bike ride. (This way I didn’t have to ride the trainer and got to spend a little time with the boy.) We had a nice flat ride along the river, dodging the various idiotic pedestrians, runners, skateboarders and cyclists – making it feel more like I was training my reflexes as opposed to my legs. The weather was clear and it was a really pretty evening. T. had just gotten a new (better paying) temp assignment, which he was very happy about. I decided that the boy deserved a little celebration.

We decided to go to a neighborhood place we like called Aqui. It’s what I think of as “yuppie Mexican” and has yummy food and margaritas. Since it was nice out, we decided to walk there. To get from our apartment to the restaurant, we walk through a neighborhood called Ladd’s Addition – a really beautiful neighborhood with lot’s of old houses and trees.

There are a ton of roundabouts, so auto traffic is pretty minimal, but there are tons of cyclists and folks out enjoying their ‘hood. As we set out, I noticed this van parked on the street. For some reason, it amuses me to think of a van driving out to help you fix your bike:

As we strolled along, we were greeted by a very friendly cat:

T petted him for a moment and then we tried to set off. (Sorry for the unfocused image, I couldn’t resist how cute this picture is… )

Encouraged by my camera, T decided to play Pied Piper…

Then as we were leaving another greeter cat appeared:

Finally, we just had to keep walking or we’d never get to eat. In the center of the neighborhood is a giant roundabout called Ladd’s Circle:

Since the streets move off of this main circle at diagonals, I would literally get lost every time I came home for the first few weeks that we lived here. (Luckily, I figured it out eventually or that would have been very inconvenient… ) Soon we made it to Aqui and ordered some margaritas:

Yummy! I got my usual steak salad and T. got a ginormous burrito. I was planning to take a picture of the food/restaurant, but with the restaurant was a bit crowded and I felt self-conscious taking a picture of my fellow diners. As for the food, let’s just say I was much too busy eating it to think of photographing it. Suffice it to say there was much food, it was very yummy and was eaten very quickly. T had two margaritas to my one and we split an awesome dessert – a tres leches cake that was ridiculous.

Then it was time for the not-so-long walk home, both of us a little too full, so it was a very leisurely stroll. The friendly cat was still out in his yard, but he got a little less time from us on the way home. Then it was back at home for some laying on the couch and TiVo for me and computer time for T. All and all, it was a very lovely evening.


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