Back on track


So, this week has been much better for training. I’ve done all of the workouts on my training plan thus far (even if I rearranged them slightly… ) I accredit several things for the shift. One of them was my run with Erin getting my week started off strong. Another was a very cool thread on the Slowtwitch Women’s forum where folks list their various goals so everyone can keep each other on track. One of my goals was to not blow off my workouts for stupid reasons, so now I feel much more accountable.

And the third reason comes from a mental shift that occurred after reading the blog of Jamie Whitmore – a pro Xterra triathlete (triathlons that are done offroad with mountain bikes and trail runs – totally badass stuff) who has been diagnosed with an incredibly rare spinal cord tumor that’s cancerous. Reading about her recovery process and how she’s struggled just to be able to walk around the block made me realize how very much I take for granted. So, I’m trying to be more grateful for the fact that I’m physically able to do this stuff at all.

With these things in mind, I had a swim this morning where I wasn’t as successful on the positive attitude front initially – I really didn’t feel like getting in that pool. But I told myself to re-assess once I got through the warm-up and quit if I still wanted to. Naturally, I was feeling better by that point and made it through 2,000 yards, even with the weird twitchy boy that jumped into my lane suddenly (and much to my surprise) and swam a very interesting hybrid of freestyle and breaststroke for about four laps. Awesome.

Then after work I had a one hour run scheduled, so I met up with Todd at the Springwater Corridor entrance. I had a bit of a slow start, walking a bit with T and the dogs and then again when T’s knee pain flared up to make sure he was doing okay. Finally, I got going and found a nice steady rhythm. I was feeling really good and even somewhat speedy. My little Nike+ thing counted off my time and I pushed it really hard at the end, doing my last mile in under 10 minutes, which is very speedy for me – especially after running for 50 minutes beforehand. Unfortunately, with all of the stopping and starting, I badly miscalculated my turn-around time and had a pretty long walk back to meet T.

All in all, it was a great run and I felt really proud of myself. I’m hopeful I can keep myself focused – this blog entry will probably be very helpful to that end. And special thanks to those of you who gave me encouragement in person, it’s nice to know that folks are actually reading this thing! 😀


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