Motivation is a funny thing


Warning: another post about triathlon training ahead, or rather the lack thereof…

In getting back to normal life, it’s been very hard to get back on track with my training. Last week was a ‘rest week’ with a generally lower amount of training on the schedule. I did my workouts on Tues, Wed and Thurs without any real problems and didn’t really worry about the ones I had scheduled for the weekend, as I figured spending anniversary time with the boy was much more important than getting my training in. No big deal, I figured, I’d just get back on track on Monday.

Well, Monday was spent driving, so no training happened. Tuesday I was still so tired from all of the driving I just didn’t feel like getting the training in before work. Wednesday I slept in and blew off the morning bike workout, but managed to get my lunchtime workout in and my butt on the trainer after work, so there was some redemption there. This morning I was supposed to get up early to swim. Mind you, “early” in this case means I have to get up around 8:00 and on the bus by 9, not exactly the crack of dawn… And when the alarm went off, I just couldn’t motivate getting out of the warm, dog-snuggling bed. I managed to get my 30 minute run in at lunch and I can also shame myself into going to the 24 Hour Fitness pool tonight, so all isn’t totally hopeless.

The worst part is that the workouts I’ve done have been surprisingly great. My bike ride yesterday was awesome, despite no riding for a week and it was on the trainer. Today’s run was the first run since last Tuesday and it was surprisingly pleasant (despite having to pee for much of it… ) Plus I feel so much better if I can get a workout in before I go sit at my desk all day. So what the heck is the problem? Why is it so hard to do something that is generally enjoyable that makes me feel good? Stupid brain, get with the program!

Thanks for letting me whine. I’ve spoken with some of you about how hard it is to get motivated to do any kind of exercise, so I appreciate getting to vent my own frustrations with it here. Plus, putting it in writing makes me feel more accountable for action, though I know the only person who cares if I train or not is me.

All right, that’s enough of that – more amusing anecdotes to come, I’m sure…


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