Boys and their toys


While in Seattle, we bought the dogs a new toy. Now, my dogs are toy assassins so we generally don’t bother buying them things anymore, especially stuffed toys. But a few years ago, we were in San Francisco we found a stuffed octopus that billed itself as “the world’s toughest dog toy.” We’ll just see about that, we said – but lo and behold, that octopus held up very admirably for the last two years, finally meeting it’s demise at the teeth of Lola, Todd’s mom’s demon spawn (err, dog) so it’s more than lived up to it’s billing.

I’ve kept an eye out for other toys by that manufacturer, but since I didn’t know the name I was limited to my infrequent visits to pet stores. But on our stroll around Queen Anne, we popped into a pet shop frequented by M. and they had the mystery octopus, plus several of it’s friends. (For the record, the name of the brand is “Tuffies” – Amazon carries them, click here for link.) We chose an alligator because it seemed like the most durable choice.

So after the day of driving, we presented the dogs with their new toy, which they proceeded to play growly tug of war with – their favorite game with any toy. Afraid it would escalate to a fight, we separated them and let each of them play with it individually. Smokey Joe got first crack at it, while T held onto Wally. (Sorry for the blurry photo and the glowing eyes – too lazy to Photoshop.)

At first he didn’t seem as excited about it without Wally clamoring for it, but he soon got into the groove…

Finally, it was Wally’s turn to play with it. He’s especially enamored of the new gator, which is funny because he’s much gentler with his toys than Smokey Joe and doesn’t really require the uber-tough dog toy (except to have something left to play with after Smokey Joe has finished with it… )


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