T vs. the air mattress


Because of his amazing air mattress folding skills, T usually has the honor of putting away M and J’s awesome air mattress. As the photos below illustrate, it’s a highly scientific endeavor that requires careful precision and timing…

Do not attempt this at home. He is a trained professional…

Once that hilarity was done, we hit the road for a day of driving. First down to Portland, then down to Salem to pick up the dogs, then back up to Portland, followed by some grocery shopping because our house is completely devoid of food. At one point in the drive, we came across this charming spectacle:

And here’s a close-up, in case you aren’t quite disgusted enough:

I’m sure it’s probably bad that I posted his license plate number, but I’m sure I can somehow work his appallingly bad taste into my defense…

Another highlight from the trip home was courtesy of the McDonalds bathroom/Diet Coke stop:

What does that even mean? Is the ‘toity’ part bad? Or is it some sort of warning? It is awesome to imagine the advertising agency writers brainstorming this, though. That’s about it as far as amusements go, I was pretty beat. Special thanks to all of my Seattle friends for making the visit so much fun – you guys rock!


2 thoughts on “T vs. the air mattress

  1. crazyoatie

    Okay, how funny is that? On Saturday’s “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” they talked about “truck nuts.” Apparently, they’re all the rage now and there’s legislation in Florida to ban them. I love that you’ve now personally witnessed them. I hope to be that lucky, too…

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