Escape from Orcas Island – the actual anniversary


For all of our big plans of getting up early and do our bike ride and long run went to crap with the comfiness of the bed and the cold drizzliness of the morning weather. So we slept in and headed into Eastsound for breakfast around 10:30, with the intention of catching the 2:00 ferry that afternoon. We found a great little cafe and had a great breakfast, then wandered around town looking at the shops and killing some time.

We came across this shop, which I had to snap a picture of to give T. a hard time. (He made the unfortunate mistake of using the word “fabu” once and I’ve been pretty much teasing him ever since… )

We headed to the ferry around 12:30, only to find that it was already full and that we’d have to wait for the 4:15. It wouldn’t be a big deal to spend more time on the island, but you have to leave your car in the line and the weather was pretty crappy so we were pretty much confined to the immediate area of the ferry terminal.

Luckily, we found a nice little cafe in the lobby of a hotel that had free wireless, good food and excellent coffee, so T. and I settled in with our book/laptop/caffeine addictions and spent an enjoyable few hours hanging out together. Before we knew it, the ferry arrived and we were on our way back to Seattle. Originally, I’d been planning to head back down to Portland that night, but with the lateness of the hour and our general fatigue, we decided to stay an extra night in Seattle with M. and J.

When we arrived at their place around 7:15, it was a delightful surprise that a delicious dinner was in progress, Ms. Cyclone was there and M. had set up a beautiful table for us to eat at together:

Ms. Cyclone works for a winery, so she’d brought over a champagne still in the testing phase:

To the left of the bottle is some of J’s first experiment in cheese making – his initial attempt at mozzerella. While we sipped the champagne (delicious) Ms. Cyclone explained the corking process for champagne:

Soon it was dinner time – Swiss Steak with boiled potatoes and salad and featuring The Barfing Chicken:

But that’s just a pitcher, why would they call it that? Oh wait…

Pure awesome. M & J bought the Barfing Chicken on their honeymoon and he is only used for special occasions, so we were most honored to be one of those occasions. During dinner Ms. Cyclone embarrassed T. by making him come up with nice things to say about me (tee-hee!) and we had a really nice dinner with our friends. Pretty much a million times better than a long drive home in the rain…

Happy anniversary T! I’m really glad to be on this crazy adventure with you.


2 thoughts on “Escape from Orcas Island – the actual anniversary

  1. crazyoatie

    OMG. Love the Barfing Chicken!

    Looks like you two had a fabulous trip! Congratulations on your anniversary and for always being an inspiration to me and my T.

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