Anniversary trip


We awoke this morning after an evening of deflating air mattress and noisy upstairs neighbor to a playful kitten – also known as “nature’s alarm clock.” It’s pretty hard to be aggravated at something that adorable, plus I slept very well on M’s comfy couch, so all was well. M and J had also been subject to Fergus’ playful wakeup call (nothing beats a little pounce on the face for an effective wake up call!) so they were up early as well. J got to work on bagels and coffee while T. put the air mattress away, supervised by M & I on the comfy couch.

I had a difficult scheme I was trying to undertake – a surprise overnight at the hotel we got married. My sister tipped me off to a good rate at the hotel a few months ago, so I’d booked it secretly. T. is nearly impossible to surprise – he guesses gifts and is generally good at picking up on subtle stuff, so I was not sure I’d actually be able to pull it off, but it was fun trying. Our theoretical plan was that we were just going up for a day trip and then heading back on the night ferry and staying the night in Seattle. It had been exhausting thinking of all of the possible questions that T. might ask, so I was really looking forward to unveiling the big surprise.

We hit the road around 9:00, plenty of time to drive up to Anacortes and catch the ferry, but you always worry that you won’t make it into the ferry line in time and end up sitting around for an extra three hours, so there was an undercurrent of stress about that. We made it into the ferry line with about an hour before the ferry left, so there was nothing to do but wait. And take random pictures of the ferry line:

There are an embarrassing amount of pictures from our wait for the ferry, but I’ll spare you. Before long, our ferry was pulling into port and the boarding procedures began. We got onto the ferry with no problem and found ourselves a nice spot near the front of the boat so I could pop out to take pictures from time to time:

T. was a good sport in letting me photograph him, and as you can see the scenery was beautiful. Before we knew it, we were arriving at Orcas Island:

We stopped in the tiny town of Eastsound for coffee and then headed up to Rosario – the hotel we’d gotten married at eleven years ago and where we were staying the night. As we got out of the car, I told T. my surprise, which predictably he’d already guessed. So his REAL anniversary present was the satisfaction of successfully pre-guessing another one of my gifts. Buttface! 🙂

Before we checked in, we walked up to the little outdoor area where we’d gotten married. It was strangely touching to stand in a spot I’d last seen wearing my wedding dress:

We got married under this tree:

This is where our family and friends sat:

Here’s T. still triumphant from his successful foiling of the girl:

Then we went to check into the hotel:

After checking into our room, taking a little nap, watching a little bad t.v. we decided to head over to Moran State park to scope out a spot for T’s long run the following morning and a possible bike ride for me. We drove to top of Mt. Constitution – 2500 feet of elevation gain (yikes) that has this cool old stone tower at the top and an amazing view of the islands below:

Tired of me snapping pictures of him all the time, T. got this one of me:

The stone tower is pretty cool. It looks like something out of the middle ages, except for the fact that it has a big cell phone tower next to it:

It turns out you can climb up to the top, via several flights of old stone stairs At the top there is of course a beautiful view, and some nice old-fashioned signs telling you what you’re looking at. These are some of the lakes in Moran State Park:

And this is Mt. Baker:

Afterward, we climbed to the bottom and I shot a quick picture of this cool door:

We headed back to the hotel, to get ready for dinner. We’d opted to eat at the hotel’s main dining room so that we could get dressed up and not have to drive into town. The hotel made a big deal about reservations being strongly recommended, so we’d complied but when we arrived the dining room was nearly empty and there were four reservations in the book for the whole night. Then they sat us between two people with babies, one of which was screaming it’s head off. How romantic. Luckily the waiter came over and very nicely told us that they wanted to move us to another table (without giving a particular reason) and took us to the section of the restaurant where we’d had our rehearsal dinner, which was a really nice bonus.

The rest of the dinner was delicious and very enjoyable. We had a beautiful view and it was nice to have a nice romantic dinner together. I had the waiter snap a picture, but unfortunately the lens flare on the window makes it not the best picture ever, but you get the gist:

It was surprising how many random memories came up while we were here, but it was very enjoyable taking a little stroll down memory lane and remembering what crazy kids we once were.


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