Training camp – day 3


Another gorgeous day with the ladies. This time I took lots of pictures, so it will me a more attractive post for you guys. After a leisurely cup of coffee and chat, we discussed the day’s agenda: going into Palmdale to go the gorgeous pool and then eat at a local restaurant that has been the traditional post-swim feeding frenzy site. (Last year, they had to call in extra people to help deal with all of the hungry triathletes descending on them en masse. This year we called ahead and let them know we were coming.)

One of the girls needed to assemble her bike, so a few of us wandered down to keep her company. We were greeted by members of Dan’s formidable dog pack:

From left to right, this is Nelson and Bubba. Aren’t they terrifying?

They are joined by Babe, the pig dog. Eventually, Bubba abandoned his post to get some love from Deanna.

Meanwhile there was some considerable wrenching going on…

While we were down there, we were treated to watching Dan putting together his new tri bike. Since he’s essentially the inventor of the tri bike, it was interesting to see what kind of bike he would choose.

After bike time, I joined two of the girls for a short run. We decided to drive down the hill to find a nice flat run along the California Aqueduct. As we were leaving, Cathy and Deanna were headed out for a bike ride:

Because there’s a long dirt road to get down to the road, so we wear flip flops/shoes down to that point and then put on our bike shoes. Which is why you see things like this:

The run was nice, but very hot and dry. I took advantage of a walk break to snap this shot of the ladies ahead of me:

The one on the left in white is Erika and the one on the right is Ariel. Ariel just finished Ironman Arizona and is still willing and  able to run and bike, which makes her Superwoman in my eyes…

This was a pressure-packed photo situation – trying to capture a “good running photo.” Which is the holy grail of race photos. I think I did a pretty good job. When we got back to the house, we had a little time to rest and gather our stuff to go swimming. While we were waiting, the swimmer girls (ladies with a swim background) discussed a swim meet and what they wanted to do. Listening to them discuss their times, all I could think “Damn, I’m a slow swimmer… ” During this discussion, Nelson graced us with his adorable presence:

This time when we went to the pool, I took some photos:

Isn’t it gorgeous?

The swim sorted itself into two groups – the swimmers and the rest of us. The non-swimmers included myself, Erin and Cathy. We shared the same lane, which was nice because we were the same pace and laid back attitude. So while the swimmer girls tore up the pool, we leisurely paddled back and forth. It was really nice.

After our swim, we were famished so we descended on the Pines restaurant. They make an awesome scramble with hominy that I love, so I powered down a huge breakfast and was pleasantly full as we headed home for a little downtime and to meet up with our our last arrival, Leslie.

A little while later, there was some interest in going on a little bike ride, so I joined them so I could have another chance to ride:

The Bike (sounds of angelic music here) I know for you non-bike folks, it doesn’t look like much but let me assure you, it’s the shiz-nit. I could seriously pick it up with my pinky finger, it’s so light. We headed out with some crazy wind going on, which prompted some discussion of what route would be least windy, but we just decided to just wing it. The ride started with a monster headwind, but since it’s a serious downhill, that was just fine. We rode for a while along a pretty little creek up a windy road, which after a while Erin and I decided was a little more up than we were in the mood for, so we turned around earlier than the rest of the group.

We stopped to take a few pictures on the way back in the thriving metropolis of Valyermo:

I don’t know if Tyra would approve of my modeling skills, I’m trying to smile with my eyes, but I’m not sure I nailed it. I am rocking the Curious George bike jersey, so I’ve got that going for me…

After our ride, it was time for wine/beer/margaritas, a huge dinner of steak and salmon and lots and LOTS of girl talk. After much laughter and a fair amount of wine/beer/margaritas, it was time for bed…


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