Welcome to training camp!


Today was the first day of the Ladies of Slowtwitch training camp. This is my second year of doing the camp and it’s awesome. It’s a group of women from the triathlon forum that I read/am addicted to (depends on who you ask… ) and it attracts a nice assortment of cool triathlon women. Everyone I met last year was so nice and fun to hang out with, so I’ve been really looking forward to this year’s camp.

Erin (a friend from last year’s camp) arranged her flights so that she came through Portland, so we met up and flew down to California together. The camp is kind of in middle of nowhere in the desert of Southern California, near a small town called Valyermo – behind the foothills northeast of Los Angeles. We flew into Burbank and after grabbing our copious amounts of luggage we scored a nice upgrade on our rental car from Standard size to Minivan. Given all of the crap we have and Erin’s bike box, this is a nice score.

From Burbank to the camp is a bit of a drive, so we needed some sustenance:

Mmmmmm, In and Out Burger. A big favorite from my California years…

Erin enjoys a gluten-free burger (sans bun)…

Our tummies full, we hit the road and arrived in Xantusia (the name of the camp) pretty close to 4:00. The weather was gorgeous, sun shine and very little wind – perfect weather after drizzly Portland. After a quick unloading of the car, we headed over to Devils Punchbowl State Park for a little trail run. When we get out of the car, Erin notices that something is not quite right about her shorts…

(In case you can’t tell from the photo, she has her shorts on backwards) Being the supportive and caring group that we are, we laughed and laughed…

(from left to right: Dawn, Cathy & Deanna)

The run starts with a lengthy uphill section which we mercifully walked. (Given the altitude and dry desert air, it takes a little time to acclimate… ) Once it leveled off a bit, we started a nice easy pace through some pretty desert landscape:

And stopped for a little photo-op:

After our exertions, it was time for a nice long hot tub soak, some wine then a yummy dinner followed by bad reality television. I love training camp life…


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