Sometimes technology just rocks…


I got one of those Nike+ things on my i-pod and I’m pretty random about using it, (mostly because I keep pushing play rather than menu, so I’ll think it’s on, but it in fact isn’t… ) I’ve been trying to get away from my gadget obsession and try to enjoy running for it’s own sake.  It’s usually a losing battle, hence the Nike+ ipod thingy.

For those that are unfamiliar it, the Nike+ thingy has a transmitter you put on your shoe and a sensor you plug into your i-pod. These two things work together to record the time, distance and pace of your runs and then uploads them to the Nike site so you can track your workouts. Pretty snazzy. So far, it’s been pretty good, though I’ve noticed it’s accuracy definitely suffers if you don’t keep a reasonably consistent pace (i.e. take walk breaks, stop for the dog to pee, etc.) I rely on it more for timing purposes and rough calculations of distance, but otherwise I don’t pay a lot of attention.

But today on my lunchtime run, I was very pleasantly surprised to do my 3 mile loop in 31 minutes and have it tell me that equates to a 10:18 minute/mile pace. WOO-HOO! Considering I usually do that loop in 33 minutes, this is 40 seconds per mile faster than usual. And after being sick, slacking off on the training for last two weeks and then climbing those hills yesterday, I was already feeling good about running the whole three miles without my leg muscles staging a revolt. Then Joan Benoit Samuelson’s pre-recorded voice congratulating me on my personal best came on and was the icing on the cake.

In other news, I’m sorry that all of my posts lately have been about training. I don’t like to blog about my job, so lately all I’ve been doing in my free time is training or laying on the couch watching TV, so I’ll try to find some wacky hijinks or funny things pet stories to write about.


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