M’s birthday weekend extravaganza- day two


As part of M’s birthday weekend extravaganza, both Mr. & Mrs. Cyclone were in town. (Mr. Cyclone is usually at Law School at UC Davis, so it’s always nice to see him.) They, being the awesome folks they are, brought M. a cupcake from the Erotic Bakery. I will spare you any close up shots of the cupcake, but couldn’t resist posting these shots of Mrs. Cyclone & M. with the dirty cupcake (sensitive viewers should pretend that it’s a finger… )



The dirty party hats were also from the Cyclones.

After traumatizing M. with the terrible taste of marzipan, we headed off to an yummy Indian restaurant in Ballard to meet more of M. & J’s friends. We brought along the party hats, but elected not to wear them in the presence of the children that were in the restaurant. All in all, it was a really enjoyable evening.

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