Stupid brain


Last week, I wrote about my fabulous lunch time run here. Today, it’s a gorgeous sunny day (a real treat for Portland in February) so despite the fact that I don’t really feel like going for a run, I use the weather to motivate myself out the door.

Now, I start nearly every run wanting to quit. It usually takes me a good 10-15 minutes before I’m glad that I’m doing it, so I’m pretty used to the little voice in my brain telling me how much nicer it would be to walk/sit on the grass/go get a burger, etc. The little voice in my head is a horrible, evil thing. So, I’m not surprised that this is the case today and try to push past it. But 10-15 minutes later, the little voice has gotten even more persistent and I’m starting to cave in. One little walk break to “fix my shoelaces” (an old favorite) and it’s the beginning of the end. One walk break becomes another, and soon it’s just a run/walk-fest. I try to just maximize the running as best I can and minimize the walk breaks.

It’s so amazing that the brain is such a powerful influence on physical endeavors. Why it matters to my arms/legs/lungs what’s going on up there is a constant source of amazement to me. To this end, I’ve been trying to train my brain along with the rest of me (and not let that little voice win) and some days, like the physical training, you just can’t win.


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